基地の中で開催された、テール フック主催のコンテストに参加したが、見事に何も無かった作品である。でもみんな上手だったな〜。

It was hard to assembled around  exhaust pipes that same as some model magazine review article stated.
Although this work in the time that I rescribing  kit rised panel line, some part of them  still  left over means the work of a transitional stage.
In this time I making aircraft model abord USS MIDWAY, Code letter NF on the tailplane was handpainted that match the picture I took at NAF Atsugi
on Open House Day (not yet called Air Show)
This model was made entry to the contest at NAF Atsugi sponsored by TAIL HOOK JAPAN,however got no prize.
Most of modeler had good skills  and did good job.

Revell 1/48 A-6ERevell 1/48 A-6ERevell 1/48 A-6ERevell 1/48 A-6ERevell 1/48 A-6E