タミヤの1/48 強風のキットが発売になった時、次は紫電11型が発売されると言うウワサが、どこからともなく囁かれていた。
確か故 長谷川 一郎氏の航空ファンに掲載された文で、メーカー(中島か?)によっては電車の運転席内部のようなグリーンだったという記事を思い出し、自分でそれらしい色を調合して塗装した。

TAMIYA 1/48 SHIDEN (George11)TAMIYA 1/48 SHIDEN (George11)

When Tamiya released Kyofu type 11 (Rex) kit,There was a rumor that next release would be Shiden Type 11(George).
I thought it was only rumor because almost all the parts (Mold) could not be use for Gerge even Rex was mother of
But when TAMIYA actually released George later,I was very surprised!
This kit also assembled without any problems like the other TAMIYA kit.
I had a trouble with it's cockpit color,I know there are modelers who think cockpit color of all Japanese Aircrafts
of the WWII were painted "AOTAKE".
First of all,I don't paint my cockpit of Japanese Aircraft in WWII metalic blue after I read and agreed the article says that "AOTAKE" is color of green not metalic blue ("AO" mearns young or fresh instead of blue color TAKE is bamboo you know, so "AOTAKE" is color of young bamboo=green :Just now I found the word green in my Hyper Dictionary!).
I rememberd the article of KOKU FAN magazine by the late Mr. Ichiro Hasegawa that some aircraft company (NAKAJIMA?) painted their cockpit pale green like a drivers room of a train,then I mixed color with my image and painted.
As I would assemble quickly I simply applied silver color show paint chipped off instead of green paint over silver color and real chipping off (Never done before though) result with no reality.
I would rather complete with new Aircraft just rolled out from factory.